Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seeds for Kids from Bountiful Gardens

Today I decide to sort through two packets of last year's "Seeds for Kids (of all ages)" from the Bountiful Gardens store. ( These packets contain an assortment of seeds from the company, non-genetically modified and pesticide free.

They do not have to be sorted, but I find it kind of relaxing to sit and the table and pick through the seeds.

There are probably over 5o varieties of plants in these packets. Quite possibly over 100. I like this because I get seeds I would not normally get if I were paying for each packet individually.

I am a little bit concerned because I do not know what most of the seeds are. When do I plant them if I do not know what they are? I plan to try anyways. They are affordable enough for the surprise. I ordered 12 more packs, one for every month, since they are only 50 cents. However, with all the seeds they have, I do not think I will get around to using all the seeds!

There are a few random types of corn. I might use these as stalks to grow peas on.

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